PHOTOS Honeybees, essential migrant workers. Beekeepers transport colonies from field to field, pollinating key food crops. But the bees are under threat.

PHOTOS Israel has dramatically escalated its aerial assault on Gaza, trying to quell the sources of Hamas rockets. At least 80 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli airstrikes 

PHOTOS A trove of posters reclaimed from an attic shows First World War recruitment efforts in Britain, from the period relying on persuasion rather than conscription to send men to the trenches.

An alligator-like caiman in Toronto’s High Park? Not the first time an exotic species goes free, and sometimes the consequences are devastating

PHOTOS It’s not just the fans who live and die with the action on the field. Coaches have as much invested in the outcome of World Cup gains as anyone, and it shows on their faces and with their gestures … some more than others.